cementitious slag makers association

Soil stabilisation

Stabilisation of soil with cementitious binders is widely used in road, pavement and foundation construction, to improve the engineering properties of the soil, by:

  • Increasing the strength and bearing capacity
  • Controlling the volume stability against swell-shrink caused by moisture changes
    increasing the resistance to erosion, weathering and traffic loading

Existing soil

Stabilisation of the existing soil will normally be a much more sustainable solution than importing aggregate.

Further information on soil stabilisation can be found on the Britpave Website – soilstabilisation.org.uk.

Significant advantages

Use of a lime + GGBS combination offers significant advantages for soil stabilisation. The major advantage is in inhibiting the deleterious swelling that can occur with clays containing sulfates.

Further information on this potential problem can be downloaded by clicking here.

The CSMA has produced a comprehensive report on ‘Soil Stabilisation with Ground Granulated Blast-furnace Slag’, which can be downloaded by clicking here.